Fish test for cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. The sooner the cancer is diagnosed and treated the better is the chance of recovery. One can improve the chances of recovery if the cancer is detected at an early stage. Many cancer detection tests have been developed to detect the traces of cancer. The symptoms of cancer are not very specific, as early cancer usually does not cause any pain. The symptoms are quite common like coughing, indigestion, fever etc which is not always a sign of cancer. Therefore it is very necessary to have a proper diagnosis if any of such symptom or sign rises. The tests may include imaging procedures which produces pictures of areas inside the body, endoscopy and laboratory tests including blood test and biopsy.
Test for cancer depends upon many criteria like the part of affected body, sex, age etc. Now many inexpensive screening tests are introduced in many pathology labs where individuals can get the right and specific diagnosis at an effective rate. There is a wide array of methods to diagnose cancer. With the growing technology, new diagnostic tools are constantly being developed and the old methods are refined. The most common cancer detection test includes:
* Endoscopy
* Biopsy
* Blood Tests
* Diagnostic Imaging
Lung Cancer is the most common type of cancer found in most of the people. Though there is no prominent lung cancer test but with the help of chest x-ray, sputum cytology and city scans diagnosis of lung cancer is possible. X-rays are also useful in diagnosis of other types of cancer. Blood test for cancer is also an effective way for the diagnosis of cancer. Because some tumours release substances called tumour markers which can be easily detected in a blood test. Though blood tests can only be counted as a primary detection test, other methods and tests are performed later to know the state and growth of cancer in the body. Biopsy is one of the most effective tests for cancer detection test. All the other lab tests can only detect about something abnormal but biopsy is the only way to know whether that abnormality is cancer or not. In a biopsy, doctor takes the sample of the tissue from the affected area and it is examined in the lab for any presence of cancer cells.

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