How Can We Protect Our Children – Coping With Rising Skin Cancer In Children

The rise of melanoma in children urges the medical community to pay close attention to fighting skin cancer. Though the increase is small but significant, fighting skin cancer has taken on a greater priority.

Though pediatric melanoma is minor, in accordance to the statistics of the National Cancer Institute, the slight increase is causing concern in the medical community. They show that while only 7 per million, or about 500, cases where reported in 2002 this was a rise from 3 per million in 1982.

The most disturbing factor to parents and doctors is diagnosing the certain type of cancer in children is malignant melanoma, the most dangerous kind of skin cancer. Fortunately, detecting the melanoma early is good for treating it.

Adult scientists think there is a connection between the development of skin cancer and the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Though the degree of being exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun of children is different from adults, they are still being affected.

Scientists think there are other factors of development of skin cancer in addition to sun influence.

One immense possibility is related to genetics. We all know that the risk of developing skin cancer of people with fair skin is bigger than people of other nations.

Having a history of sunburns is another possible factor of developing skin cancer in children. Even though children have not spent as many years in the sun compared with adults, their skin is tender and more easily sun burnt. They have less resistance against skin cancer.

For parents, they should take responsibilities to teach their children the way to protect themselves from sun damage in order to decrease the rate of skin cancer in children.

Children need to be taught to avoid the sun by playing in the shade where possible consciously. Staying out of the sun during those hours when the sun is the strongest is fundamental way to contain skin cancer in children.

Using sunscreens properly is very important to contain skin cancer in children. What’s more, using sunscreens is not enough, so we must re-apply it on a regular basis to promise its salience effects.

A hat and protective clothing for children when they are outside is necessary. To protect them themselves from skin cancer in children, they had better not wear cool tank tops and other sleeveless shirts because their little protection from the sun. We should protect our children and keep them safe because they are too young to know their need. It’s our responsibility to protect infants and toddlers.

Though skin cancer in children is still rare now, it is necessary for parents to pay attention to all signs of pediatric melanoma developing in their children.

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