Kelp: The Miracle Plant

When we think about the different types of plants that are out there, often times, we do not even realize all of the healing qualities that these various plants have. For instance, did you know that the Aloe plant has a variety of uses other than just being aesthetically pleasing? For instance, you can use it as a house plant; you can use it to moisturize your skin; you can use it to heal cuts or wounds; you can use it to soothe sun burn and you can also use it as a laxative! The next time you go to the grocery store or to your local Lowes and/or Home Depot, make sure that you check out the plant section. Pay special attention to all of the various names and varieties of plant life that is there. If you’re curious enough, when you get back to your home, look up the various plants on the Internet. Most plants serve dual purposes other than just being a decoration in your home. Another great example of this is Rosemary. Rosemary is a neat little shrub-looking plant that can be utilized as a houseplant. It gives off a distinct and welcoming odor that smells great. It can also, however, be used to season food. Kelp is another great plant that serves different purposes.

Kelp, or seaweed, is a marine plant, a type of brown algae, that is often used in a variety of Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi and miso soup. It has won the name of “miracle plant” because of its tremendous therapeutic properties and high nutrient content.

Kelp is extremely rich in ocean minerals such as selenium and iodine which can help to boost the immune system. It is also flooded with tons of other vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Niacin, and phosphorus. Additionally, kelp is a great source of protein. It has an amazing and ever growing list of health benefits. And this marine plant has been widely used to help regulate thyroid conditions, helps to prevent heart disease and cancer, can boost development of the brain, assist in preventing osteoporosis, and can treat mineral deficiencies. Kelp dissolves fat tissues which aids with weight loss, alleviates arthritis pain, improves the functions of the liver and digestive system, and lowers cholesterol. It has even been shown to help reduce hair loss, stabilize hormonal balance, and benefit those suffering from impotence and anemia. Some research also suggests that kelp can suppress AIDS and kill the herpes virus.

With this amazing list of benefits, which seems to be constantly growing with more research, it is easy to see just why kelp is called the “miracle plant”. But how do you get enough kelp to reap these rewards? As mentioned before, kelp can be used in cooking; however, if you do not care for the taste of seaweed, there are many kelp supplements available at an affordable price from your local store, making kelp very easy to take. It is important to note that if you are already taking iodine supplements or thyroid medication you should consult a physician before taking kelp supplements.

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