Treat constipation now! It may cause rectal prolapse or colon cancer

Constipation is a common problem that affects a lot of people .Overeating, alcohol, smoking, junk food, stress are a few reasons that worsen, this medical problem. In this, the person complains of difficulty while defecating. The stools become very hard and the anal region may end up shedding blood because of the undue pressure applied by the stuck stool. Constipation is caused by lack of sufficient fluids and fibre in the diet.

The stools are not able to move out easily from the rectum and may cause distressful symptoms like bloatedness, flatulence, abdominal swelling, nausea, uneasiness, vomiting and stomach distension. There are millions of people who complain of chronic constipation.

The inability to defecate properly leads to a lack of interest in activities and hobbies, irritable nature, embarrassment, fatigue, weight-loss and mood swings. Constipation can certainly be painful and may affect the body in a very negative manner. Defecation is body’s way of throwing out wastes and toxins and if this is disturbed it can lead to an immense amount of discomfort and unease.

There are plenty of artificial medications available to treat constipation but most of them are chemicals that cause some side effect or the other on the body. It’s better to take the safe and side effect free Ramdev medicine for constipation that is an ayurvedic preparation developed from medicinal herbal extracts.

Artificial medicines can hamper the intestines because they make the intestine sluggish and ineffective in the long run. This is the reason why many people who are dependent on laxatives to defecate the bowel often complain that they need to take a laxative or else, they feel constipated and unable to defecate.

Constipation can be treated but it leads to a number of complications in the body like:

Foul smelling breath is common in people who suffer from constipation and this is one of the main reasons why people want to stay away from badly smelling mouths. The gases and toxic wastes from the body in gaseous form come out through the mouth.

Constipation can also cause infection of the rectum. The more the stool stays lodged in the intestine the more the water from the stool is reabsorbed into the body. This hardens the stool and bowel movement becomes painful and difficult. The rectum is strained and this can lead to “non-closing” of rectum or rectal prolapse. This causes leaking stools and infection.
The toxic build up in the body increases and the general health is affected. Constipation is the main cause of acne vulgaris, skin discolorations and a lot more skin problems.

The immunity of the body and general production of vitamins are possible because of the healthy bacteria in the intestines. These healthy bacteria or flora are reduced because of constipation and the person starts falling sick more often. The immune system gets compromised and can have serious health effects.

Untreated constipation can also lead to colon cancer. Increase the fibre and fluid content of the diet and resort to natural methods to keep your body healthy and free of constipation.

Diet For Fatty Liver – Basics Of A Fatty Liver Disease Diet Plan

Are you aware that a simple diet could assist deal with fatty liver disease? Fatty liver disease is a liver disorder caused by excessive fat, specifically triglycerides, build up in the liver. If left unaided, it can lead to worse conditions such as cirrhosis and liver cancer.

The human liver has several functions like bile production, blood regulation, detoxification, and metabolism. The liver helps emulsify fat, breaking down large fat globules into smaller ones which are broken down by lipase and other enzymes. It also assists regulate and maintain blood sugar levels. The liver likewise naturally filters toxic substances and excretes them in the form of urine. Lastly, it assists metabolize carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

Once a lot of fat is gathered in the liver, there might not be symptoms to start with. They generally come out subsequently at a worse scenario. When someone is diagnosed with fatty liver disease, he or she can still have hope. It’s as easy as having an active lifestyle and a healthy diet that can help treat fatty liver disease.

A fatty liver disease diet consists of low fat or non-fat food, high fiber intake, and complex carbohydrates. A person should likewise consider the important vitamins, minerals, and food groups to ascertain the particular meals to take every day.

In a fatty liver disease diet, no matter if alcoholic or non-alcoholic, alcoholic beverages should be shunned. Even though meats are a great source of protein, an excessive amount of of protein in a fatty liver disease diet will stress the liver much more. Try seafood, beans, and lean meat – and especially those that have just been steamed or boiled. In any diet, much more the fatty liver disease diet plan, fruits and vegetables should always be present especially green vegetables and citrus fruits which include folic acid and vitamin C, respectively. Another element in a fatty liver disease diet plan is the complex carbohydrate group, which could be found in whole grains, brown rice, wheat bread and pasta.

The Preferred Health Class For Term Life

Health Class is a term that is specific to life insurance and it may cause you the most pause (outside of how much term life and for how long). You’ll see that the drop down in our quoting engine starts with Best Class and then right below it (Before Standard Plus and Standard) is Preferred. What exactly warrants a Preferred health class and how does it affect the term life rates that are offered? Let’s take a look at requirements for the Preferred health class.

It’s important to understand that each carrier may have subtle tweaks and twists to how they name their health classes. The Standard risk is pretty ubiquitous on the market. Our term life quoting engine uses “Best Class” to designate exactly that…a carrier’s best class regardless of what they call it. Preferred can be thought of as the step down from Best Class. Again, each carrier may have subtle differences in what constitutes Preferred or what they actually call it but the important issue for a person comparing term life rates across multiple companies and plans is that you can compare apples and apples. Our Best, Preferred, Standard Plus, and Standard does this. It’s the great equalizer.
So more information about Preferred.

First, there should be no health impairments. This is similar to the Best health class. What is a health impairment? This is trickier. It’s essentially a disease, disorder, or injury that would impact mortality rates. This would mean no history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Let’s look at contributing factors to cardiovascular health that are under view of the life insurance companies. The first is Blood Pressure, for which they want it well managed with current and average readings in the past two years not greater than: 150/90. This is slightly less stringent then the Best class which wants 145/85 for two years. As for Cholesterol, levels cannot exceed 250. For the Best class, it’s 240. The total cholesterol to HDL ratio should be no greater than 6.5. Tobacco use is also not allowed within prior 12 months. This health class will usually require that neither parent passed away before age 60 of cardiovascular diseases.

The next big category (according to CDC mortality tables) is cancer. The Preferred health class can only be offered on certain types of cancers. Cancer is tougher to predict because there is a such a wide sea of cancers and resulting severities. Some simple skin cancers are fairly innocuous while pancreatic cancer is very serious. The carriers are pretty similar in life insurance underwriting but we’ll try to help provide guidance on which way to look.

For personal driving history, the Preferred class is pretty similar to the Best Class in that it requires that no more than 3 or more moving violations in the last 3 years except with flat extra or any DUI in last 60 months. For Alcohol or substance abuse, it requires no abuse in last 10 years.

These are the big sections that usually determine changes in health class. Again, each life insurance company will have slightly different requirements for each category. Some life insurance carriers might view driving history issues as more serious than others. Our recommendation is that you move down the Health Class to be conservative when running your online quote. Unless you have pretty much perfect health, history, and habits, Preferred is probably the right health class for you and the smart way to approach possible term life rates.

How to Choose the Best Detox Program

In a world where we are exposed to more environmental toxins and pollutants than ever in history, the need to detoxify on a regular basis has become a prerequisite for optimal health. While there are many detoxification programs to choose from, this article is designed to give you a checklist to know what to look for in a detox.


Did you know that you have to digest well to detox well? I define good digestion by moving your bowels within the first hour of waking and when the stools are regularly formed, without loose stools or mucus. There cannot be any symptoms of indigestion like heart burn, gas, bloating or belching. Perhaps the most deceptive indicators of good digestion are our habits. Often we insidiously modify the diet towards healthier, easier to digest foods because of an underlying digestive imbalance. Though eating healthier is always a good idea, the original digestive imbalance will go untreated if the reason for making such dietary shifts is because you don’t digest certain foods well.

Dietary changes that may be associated with an underlying digestive imbalance include: avoiding wheat, gluten, dairy, fatty, greasy or fried food. Sometimes the dietary shift is toward a more restrictive diet like becoming a vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist, or eating six small meals a day. Even just a simple shift away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) toward more vegetables and less heavy foods like breads, pastas or red meats may be an indicator that the ability to digest the heavier foods has decreased over time.

This insidious digestive weakening may also show up as a subtle but steady weight gain or nagging stiffness, chronic skin conditions, allergies, food sensitivities, fatigue or mood instability. We often relate these symptoms to the need for a detox – which I would agree with -but there is also a need to improve digestive strength.

Before we jump right into a detox, let’s run a fine tooth comb through the efficiency of the digestive system.

One of my passions is the essential need to have stable blood sugar. According to the preliminary study I did in my book, The 3-Season Diet, we correlated balancing the blood sugar by shifting from eating six meals a day to three meals a day with reduced: anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, cravings and weight gain.

When the blood sugar is unstable, the default fuel is sugar and carbs – not fat. For the body to detoxify well, the blood sugar must be stable so the body can shift its stress-related fuel supply from sugar to stored fat (where your body holds onto toxins).

My favorite acid test for checking your blood sugar is to see if you can eat 3 good healthy relaxing meals a day with no snacks between meals. If you are comfortable and do not experience any highs and lows in energy, mood or cravings, then your blood sugar levels are probably fine. If you do experience discomfort, be sure that your blood sugar has been stabilized before you embark on a detox.

There are an inordinate number of stress receptors that line the intestinal track. When the stress levels are high, the impact of this stress can irritate the intestinal mucus membranes.

Initially, these membranes will dry out and cause constipation. In time, if the stress is incessant, the mucus membranes will produce reactive mucus to lubricate the gut and relieve the constipation. Unfortunately this also clogs and flattens the intestinal villi, where absorption of nutrients and removal of waste takes place. If you are experiencing regular bowel movements only with the addition of an herbal supplement, more fiber, veggies, water or the restriction of certain foods, you are still constipated.

This reactive mucus can also create more frequent loose bowel movements that may have mucus in them. If you see mucus in the stool , then we have proof that excess mucus exists and the villi are congested.

A good detox plan must start with severing the relationship of stress to the gut and healing the intestinal mucosa. This would require a stress reduction plan and a strategy to pull the mucus off the wall of the gut and tone the intestinal musculature.

Just outside the intestinal wall is the Gut Associated Lymphatic System (GALT). In this half inch between the villi on the inside of the intestinal wall and the GALT on the outside of the wall is the most important half inch of the body because it is where 80% of the body’s immune function lies. When the lymph is congested, a litany of symptoms arise: skin rashes, itchiness, achy joints, holding on to water or swelling anywhere in the body, allergies, headaches, sore throats, swollen glands, swollen or tender breasts, cellulite, extra belly fat, gas or bloating – to name a few.

The lymphatic system begins in the lacteals or intestinal villi where they pull nutrients and fat soluble toxins off the intestinal wall. The problem is that if the gut is constipated or there is excessive reactive mucus bogging down the villi, the lymph and its white blood cells cannot provide immunity or detoxification. These cancer causing fat soluble toxins – like heavy metals, environmental toxins, pollutants, pesticides, preservatives, plastics, and parasites, to name a few – are defaulted to the liver. In most people, the liver is no longer able to deal with these toxins which had originally been earmarked for detoxification through the gut and the lymph.

Therefore, the detoxification you engage in must also destagnate your lymphatic system.

At the end of the small intestine many of the undigested fat soluble toxins are re-absorbed back to the liver. Over time this can overwhelm the liver. The liver may become sluggish, become fatty or spill the undigested fats into the blood stream where they look for other places to store in the body. The fat cells can hold numerous cancer and disease producing toxins for many years until they are properly detoxified. But if we just flush them out from storage, where do they go? If the liver is congested and the lymph is sluggish, these toxins just recirculate and end up stored in the fat cells again.

There is one catch: the fat cells have a saturation point. They will only allow so many fat soluble toxins to be stored. When the saturation point is reached, the toxins spill back into the blood and often end up being deposited as neuro-toxins in the brain because it is a major concentration of fatty tissue.

Before we detox these dangerous chemicals from the fat cells we must be sure the liver has been cleansed so it can help process these toxins out of the body.

One of the side effects of liver congestion mentioned above is that the bile gets too thick, viscous and sluggish. Often times non-emulsified cholesterol residue can build up and create those pesky gallstones. Before they become stones they create a sluggish, sludgy bile flow.

The word cholesterol comes from two words: chole and sterol. Chole means bile and sterol means steroid, or stress related hormone. So cholesterol is a combination of excess steroid hormones or stress and bile. Another interesting factoid is that the word melancholy comes from the word black bile, which is basically toxic or thick bile that often has an associated symptom of a depressed mood.

Thick bile simply cannot neutralize the good and bad fats we ingest, which causes: bloating, indigestion, heart burn, nausea, belching and gas. Healthy bile also neutralizes acids from the stomach. If the bile flow is insufficient the stomach acids can scorch the intestinal wall and cause burning. This sends an urgent memo to the stomach to turn down the production of acid – even though it is necessary for proper digestion – because there isn’t enough bile to neutralize it. So the stomach turns down the flame to a simmer. Instead of cooking the food and emulsifying any toxins, the stomach just warms things up. It is this dance between acid production in the stomach and the flow of bile that determines our digestive strength.

Sluggish bile can also congest the common bile duct, which is shared with the pancreatic duct. As a result, the flow of digestive enzymes can be compromised when the bile becomes congested. Many people are unnecessarily told to take supplemental digestive enzymes that ultimately end up weakening the digestive system. Once the bile flow is restored the need for additional enzymes is eradicated. Be sure your detox plan has a bile and liver flushing component and a way to determine if the digestive fire has been reset.

Here at LifeSpa we offer four different types of cleanses to choose from, all of which cover the main areas to detox that I write about in this article.

1. The Short Home Cleanse ( A comprehensive 4 day cleanse that is available for free on my web site and can be done by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Print out the self-guided instructions and you are ready to go.

2. The Colorado Cleanse ( This May I will guide you through a 2 week detox with video, conference calls, daily emails and an online community to connect with others who are on the Colorado Cleanse. This is longer, deeper and more comprehensive than the Short Home Cleanse. The Colorado Cleanse will address all the essential components needed to detoxify the deep tissues of the body.

3. Consultation with Dr. Douillard ( If you feel your condition needs personal guidance, schedule either a Phone Consultation or an In Person consult with me. Often I find that individuals need special attention and a supervised detox on the road back to health. For this I suggest we consult directly to make sure you are best served with a detox strategy to address the cause of what is ailing you.

4. Panchakarma ( We offer 3, 7, 14 or 21 day detoxification retreats at LifeSpa in Boulder, Colorado. Panchakarma is the pinnacle experience of Ayurvedic medicine because it prepares and detoxifies the physical body so we have the clarity to choose a life free of emotional ups and downs and become poised to live a more authentic, loving and fulfilling life.

The 6 Best Anti Aging Longevity Herbs of All Time

It is inevitable that people age. This natural process affects everyone. Most Americans are aging much more quickly than expected according to the National Center For Health. This report currently shows that American’s are in the 42nd spot amongst 191 nations.

According to studies, chronic stress is one of the largest contributing factors to the aging process. It is a major element that can trigger some specific aging processes in the body. There are 2 main types of stress.

The first type of stress is psychological. Many crave more stimulation of their mind and speed.

The second type of stress is physiological. This is due to a more sedentary lifestyle. The inactivity and being lazy combined with more processed foods and drinks containing chemicals causes undue stress on the body.

These constant stresses interfere with the natural ability of the body to adjust and balance itself out in a stressful situation. Thus it compromises the immune system and the endocrine system.

There are two main ways to combat stress.

The first of these is by lifestyle changes.

A healthy diet that focuses on healthy foods, along with a great fitness paln will go far in helping a person de stress. Using Adaptogens which are potent herbal remedies will enhance both the immune system and the hormone activity of your body and help to boost the energy levels. This in turn can help cells to repair and regenerate.

Here are 6 of the best adaptogenic herbs for longevity.


This is a natural herb that is used to manage many diseases. It is traced back to ancient Indian Ayurveda healing treatments.

Used to treat insomnia, dementia, arthritis, depression, anxiety and some respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis it is also credited with killing cancer cells and minimizing the toxicity of chemo treatments.

Siberian Ginseng or Eleutherg

This herb is often called the adaptogen King. Over 3000 articles tout its ability and potency.

Frequently used to boost energy and enhance endurance, it can help regulate blood pressure and sugar levels in the body.

A powerful performer it will improve the body’s ability to heal and enhance endurance.


Dating back to ancient Asia, ginseng has been used for medicine since anyone can remember. With a lot of great reviews and scientific data it is classified in two species. Panax ginseng and panax quinquefolius. Referred to as Asian and American ginseng.

Ideal to enhance muscle power, improve endurance and increase the response time for the body it also boosts immunity and helps the heart to function properly and regulates blood sugars.

Another great benefit is that it will help to enhance recovery from pneumonia and bronchitis and colds. It can alleviate chronic stress caused by depression as well. Asian ginseng will boost the energy that is required for athletes and improve endurance. Ideal to restore adrenal activity and improve motor skills.

Rhaponticum or Maral Root

One of the best herbs for boosting energy and revered by many athletes, this is a great herb for strength and power. It improves and strengthens muscles and synthesizes muscle cells.

Ideal for cardiothoracic disorders as well as central nervous disorders. It wil increase the appetite and improve sleep. You’ll boost your endurance for strain and other conditions.

Very powerful for anyone who is healing from a trauma or surgery.


Many studies suggest that adaptogen is very similar to ginseng or eleutherq. For this reason it’s quite popular and one of the more sought after energy boosters for Russian athletes.

It is also said to improve brain power and increase blood circulation enhancing both physical and mental health. It will also boost immune systems and cardiothoracic systems.

It is important to note however, that it is only safe when used in combination with other adaptogens. Otherwise it can be detrimental.


Dating back to ancient times, Russian and Asian countries often used this herb. The berries and the seeds both are used however, the seeds are much more potent.

Great to improve fatigue and help with the liver and detoxing the body.

Many studies believe it also enhances the eyes and helps them adjust to darkness thus improving night vision.

Breast Cancer Surgery Package "Can we Predetermine the Cost"

Diagnosis of Breast cancer is hard enough, without considering the direct and indirect costs associated with breast cancer treatment. Beating your cancer is patient’s first priority, but financial worries are often not far behind. Most breast cancer patients fail to understand, why package cost for breast treatment cannot be predetermine.

The answer is simple cost of treating breast cancer can vary from Rs. 1Lac to Rs. 10 Lacs. Cost Variation depends on the Stage of the Disease (Early / locally advanced / metastatic), Nutritional Status of the Patient, Individual Body and Immune Responses, Other Associated Diseases of any Organ of the Body (heart, lung, liver, kidney, diabetics, high blood pressure etc.), Modality(ies) of treatment required and best suited treatment plan as per National and International guidelines recommended during Tumour Board evaluation.

One has to consider the following scenarios.

Does the Patient require SURGERY? If yes,

* Whether only lump will be removed / entire breast will be removed?
* Will removal of breast be followed by reconstruction of breast?
* What kind of breast reconstruction is preferred by the patient?
* Will patient require breast prosthesis or not?

Following surgery, will the patient require Chemotherapy? If yes,

* What drugs will be used?
* Will the patient get chemotherapy in day care or will be hospitalization?

The cost will also depend on what kind of chemo drugs are recommended, based on the histology of the tumour. Some chemo drugs have to be imported and are very expensive.

First line of drugs may / may not produce desired results second / third line chemo drugs and targeted therapies are more expensive.

Radiation therapy may / may not be required. If it is required, is the patient mobile to come to hospital on OPD basis. If the patient is immobile additional cost of 6 weeks of hospitalization will be required. Depending on the category of room chosen by the patient, cost will be different for different categories of rooms.

If these patients also have other associated diseases e.g. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Heart Disease,, Asthma, Bronchitis, Bronchiectasis , Liver Disease, Kidney Disease requiring dialysis or any other disease, the cost of repeated investigations, drugs, disposables minor medical or surgical procedures gets added to the treatment cost.

Patients of stage IV breast cancer do not require surgery (except cosmetic surgery in fungating ulcers of the breast) However, they do require long term supportive chemotherapy. If they do not respond to first line of drugs 2nd or 3rd line of drugs are also tried to control the disease.

In addition to chemotherapy they may need Blood / Blood Component Therapy, Parenteral Nutrition Therapy, Treatment of Metastatic Fractures Rehabilitation of the Patient etc.

In view of the above, patient must undergo a complete diagnostic workup with numerous investigations to confirm the cancer; this is followed by staging work up to find out the stage of the disease. After knowing the stage of the disease and modalities of treatment require done can give the estimated cost of surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy, Supportive care, rehabilitation etc.

Easy Ways To Break A Chewing Tobacco Addiction With NLP

The addiction to smokeless tobacco is easily as dangerous and debilitating as the addiction to smoking cigarettes. In fact, many experts proclaim that it is even more insidious. Chewing has been glamorized by sports professionals. Many people who dip smokeless started as early as 9 years of age! And by the time that many of these youngsters turn eighteen, they are overcome by throat and mouth cancer, and many are dying.

While a person with lung cancer can look normal, the face of a victim of mouth cancer can be an awful sight. Imagine how a face looks after having a jawbone cut out, or the lips or tongue surgically removed. Usually the surgical butchering of the victim’s face is all for nothing, because many die within a year or so anyway.

The experts tell us that the physical addiction to Nicotine is broken after abstaining for seven days. But the psychological part of the addiction is far stronger and may take a much longer time and a lot more effort to overcome, which makes it very difficult to give up smokeless tobacco.

There are three individual factors to the addiction to chewing tobacco. Two of the parts are mental, and one part is physical.


When you were a child and you started crying, your mother would put a bottle into your mouth to calm you down. You would get distracted, become more peaceful, and often go to sleep. That sequence of events was repeated many, many times so that your unconscious mind was programmed: When something goes into your mouth, you get relaxation and pleasure from it.

Now that you are mature, if you feel tense or nervous, you crave something in your mouth for relaxation and pleasure – dip!


Remember Pavlov? Every time that he fed his dogs he rang a bell. After several repetitions, he could just ring the bell, and that would make the dogs salivate.

When you associate chewing tobacco with any other behavior, the other behavior will trigger cravings for tobacco and a urge to chew. This is called a conditioned response.

For example: If you chew while you watch a movie, you will automatically get an urge to chew each time you go to the movies.

Here is exactly how this conditioned response gets programmed into your unconscious: If a person chews smokeless and simultaneously drives a car, the mind takes a snapshot of the tobacco in the hand, and ties it to the image of the steering wheel, dashboard, or view out the windshield, etc.. Thereafter, every time the person drives the car, his unconscious mind fills in the missing part of the picture. It flashes an image of the chew in the hand coming towards the mouth, and the dipper gets a craving for smokeless tobacco.

You may not be consciously aware of the mental picture of the smokeless tobacco, because it may only be at the unconscious level of mind. Just as you are not consciously aware of what you are seeing through your peripheral vision until something or someone draws your attention to it. But the image is there, creating a craving for a dip.


I have had the experience of working with several thousand people for tobacco cessation and I give you my personal guarantee that the physical addiction to smokeless tobacco is the weakest part of the habit. In fact, I believe that it is only ten percent of the addiction. Ninety percent of the dipping habit are the mental and emotional parts! (Parts A and B).


What this means is that if you can eliminate the feeling of tension that causes you to chew smokeless tobacco for relaxation and pleasure (Part A) . . . and if you can extinguish the conditioned response of feeling a craving for dip when watching TV, driving, or finishing a meal, etc. (Part B) . . . then you can stop dipping tobacco without requiring willpower, and without suffering from withdrawal symptoms or weight-gain.

Hypnosis will make it easy to give up tobacco because it takes care of Parts A & B! Here is how:

Part A is where dippers dip smokeless for relaxation and pleasure. It’s our thoughts that create tension. More to the point, people always run mental movies in their mind’s eye. If the movie is negative, it creates a feeling of tension.

We can use different NLP techniques to program the unconscious mind to easily take those anxiety producing mental pictures and movies, and automatically exchange them for relaxation producing mental pictures and movies. This produces relaxation and pleasure, and obliterates the anxiety that creates the oral urges for chewing.

Because of the elimination of tension, the person who is quitting doesn’t feel the compulsion or need to substitute food in place of the chew. So quitting without weight gain is possible.

Stopping the addiction to smokeless is very similar to overcoming the addiction to food, cigarettes, and nail biting. I have many additional original articles on these topics in my free NLP and hypnosis article repository.

Part B is where people dip smokeless tobacco because chewing tobacco becomes a conditioned response to many different activities and locations. Remember in the earlier example how smoking became unconsciously associated with other activities and environments so that each time a person who chews gets into that activity or environment, the mind flashes an image of smokeless tobacco in your hand, and the image of the smokeless tobacco in your hand triggers cravings for smokeless?

There are powerful and effective NLP and hypnosis technologies that can quickly extinguish those conditioned responses so that a person’s unconscious will lose the cravings for chew, and the compulsion to chew smokeless tobacco. As a matter of fact, you can even get a compulsion to reject chewing.

In summation, when we use certain NLP techniques, it can be very easy to stop chewing without weight gain or having to suffer from withdrawal. And many of these hypnotic techniques do not even depend on post-hypnotic suggestions. They depend on programming the unconscious mind to use the same thought processes that the unconscious mind is using to create the addiction to smokeless tobacco, to eliminate the mental addiction.

Fish test for cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. The sooner the cancer is diagnosed and treated the better is the chance of recovery. One can improve the chances of recovery if the cancer is detected at an early stage. Many cancer detection tests have been developed to detect the traces of cancer. The symptoms of cancer are not very specific, as early cancer usually does not cause any pain. The symptoms are quite common like coughing, indigestion, fever etc which is not always a sign of cancer. Therefore it is very necessary to have a proper diagnosis if any of such symptom or sign rises. The tests may include imaging procedures which produces pictures of areas inside the body, endoscopy and laboratory tests including blood test and biopsy.
Test for cancer depends upon many criteria like the part of affected body, sex, age etc. Now many inexpensive screening tests are introduced in many pathology labs where individuals can get the right and specific diagnosis at an effective rate. There is a wide array of methods to diagnose cancer. With the growing technology, new diagnostic tools are constantly being developed and the old methods are refined. The most common cancer detection test includes:
* Endoscopy
* Biopsy
* Blood Tests
* Diagnostic Imaging
Lung Cancer is the most common type of cancer found in most of the people. Though there is no prominent lung cancer test but with the help of chest x-ray, sputum cytology and city scans diagnosis of lung cancer is possible. X-rays are also useful in diagnosis of other types of cancer. Blood test for cancer is also an effective way for the diagnosis of cancer. Because some tumours release substances called tumour markers which can be easily detected in a blood test. Though blood tests can only be counted as a primary detection test, other methods and tests are performed later to know the state and growth of cancer in the body. Biopsy is one of the most effective tests for cancer detection test. All the other lab tests can only detect about something abnormal but biopsy is the only way to know whether that abnormality is cancer or not. In a biopsy, doctor takes the sample of the tissue from the affected area and it is examined in the lab for any presence of cancer cells.

There are many pathology labs in India providing quality cancer detection test. One of the reputable labs is OnCquest Laboratories. It is one of the most trusted and well known names in India.
Our wide chain network spreads across all over India providing best pathological services in the medical field. Oncquest renders more than 1000 tests including screening, diagnosis, monitoring and preventive healthcare. We provide best cancer detection test at most affordable rates and all the tests are performed under specialise pathologists and high tech machines. We work with the best team to render the best services to our customers.

Anti Aging Skin Products: look youthful

Facial skin care is important and benefits everyone from the young to the elderly. People want to look their best throughout their lives and know that the first thing someone notices is their face, when they meet. With the wonderful selection of anti aging skin care products available on the market today, everyone has the opportunity to have wonderful, younger looking, more youthful skin that boosts their self esteem and improves their appearance, if they use the proper anti aging skin care products on a regular basis. Making time for a weekly facial both at home or at a spa is a wonderful way to unwind, feel wonderful, and relax after a stressful, long day.

Men and women want smooth looking skin without spots, lines and wrinkles and to reverse the aging of their skin, having it look like it did when they were young. Unfortunately, the skin and anti aging creams cannot give people their youth back but it can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Depending upon the ingredients, most of the skin and anti aging eye creams will have light diffusing and firming ingredients but only use products near the eyes made specifically for eyes.

Nighttime anti aging skin products provide intense therapy for damaged, stressed skin while sleeping. Designed for overnight use, nighttime products are usually richer in botanicals, vitamins, and emollients than anti aging skin products used in the daytime. Lip treatments are anti aging skin products that many women never think about until they develop fine lines around their mouth or dry, lined lips. Many excellent moisturizers are available on the market that treat and hydrate the mouth area including lipsticks that contain moisturizers with added vitamins and minerals.

When looking for an anti aging skin care product for acne prone or oily skin, stay away from any with added oils such as baby oil, mineral oil or heavy creams and buy only products make specifically for dry and acne prone skin. If you have dry skin, it is important to start using an anti aging skin care product at an early age as dry skin is more prone to developing age spots and premature wrinkles, so always use a heavier wrinkle cream for daytime and nighttime. Individuals with combination skin will find that this is a very common problem and there is an anti aging skin care product made by almost every beauty manufacturer for this type skin.

While there are many anti aging skin care products on the market, they do not all treat the same problems. So, be sure to read and compare labels the next time you go shopping for anti aging skin care products so that you are sure that you are buying a product that has the right ingredients to protect and improve your skin.

An Overview of Potential Health Benefits of Organic Green Tea

Green tea is such a variety of tea that is renowned for its health benefits. Let us also take a look at all the benefits of this beverage that will help us in developing a good habit of drinking it on an everyday basis.
An extensive amount of research has been done on the good health effects of the green tea. These specifically take account of preventing cancer and heart diseases, reducing cholesterol levels, fighting stroke and diabetes, burning fat and holding back dementia.
It has been proven that this drink has significant ingredients and antioxidants that help a person drinking it regularly to maintain his or her good health. The strong oxidants of this tea variety, known as catechins, chase free radicals, which can damage DNA and may also cause blood clots, cancer and atherosclerosis.
On account of the minimal processing of the tea leaves while manufacturing this tea, that are withered and fermented rather than fermented like the oolong and black teas, the distinct catechins, particularly the epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), are more strong. Such catechins are effective in treating the prostate cancer tumors to a great extent. These also controls and staves growth of cancer cells together with destroying the cells that are growing incorrectly. You can start drinking two cups of this tea daily for inhibiting cancer growth in the body. It lowers the risk of growing prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and esophageal cancer.
This tea variety has also been established to be good for the heart. The regular intake of green tea for about three to four cups helps in lowering the cruelty of coronary heart diseases as well as clogging of blood vessels of heart among the people. Since the flexibility of the heart’s blood vessels is improved due to the greenberry tea, its antioxidants serve as the dilators which also make them less prone to clogging.
Studies also show that the greenberry tea balances the cholesterol levels and fights obesity. The lower LDL “bad” cholesterol and obesity mainly contribute to diabetes and heart disease. For being healthy, in addition to drinking this beverage, one must also eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, and nuts as well as also exercise regularly.