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Tramadol side effects

If any of the following grave side effects occur, discontinue use of Tramadol and obtain emergency medical assistance or get in touch with your physician at once.

1. An allergic reaction (labored breathing; throat closure; swollen lips, tongue or face; or hives).

2. Seizures. Other side effects that are not as serious may be more likely to develop.

Continue taking Tramadol but let your doctor know if you notice:
1. dizziness, sleepiness or headache.
2. agitation, shaking or anxiety.
3. nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea.
4. itching, dry mouth or perspiring.

You may also notice additional side effects that are not noted here. Let your physician know about any seemingly unusual or particularly annoying side effect.

Other medical conditions: If other medical conditions exist, they may affect of Tramadol (Ultram). Be sure to let your physician know if you suffer from any other medical ailments, particularly:

– Severe abdominal or stomach ailments, as Tramadol (Ultram) may mask symptoms of other medical conditions
– Current or past alcohol or drug abuse because this could result in an increase in the grave side effects of Tramadol (Ultram)
– Head injury because Tramadol (Ultram) can mask symptoms of other medical conditions
– Kidney or liver disease because there may be a greater chance that side effects could occur. When determining your dosage, your physician will take this into consideration.
– Seizures: Convulsions (seizures) may be more likely to occur.

Using Tramadol may intensify the effects of other drugs that cause sleepiness, such as antidepressants, alcohol, antihistamines, sedatives (used in treatment of insomnia), other pain relievers, anxiety medicines, and muscle relaxants. Advise your physician of all the drugs you are taking and, when taking Tamadol, do not take any other supplements or medications, either prescription or non-prescription, without your physician’s approval.

Which other medications will interact with Tramadol? Prior to taking Tramadol, let your physician know if you are taking any of the following drugs. If you are taking any of these medicines, do not take Tramadol without consulting your physician.

Antidepressants – amitriptyline (brand name: Elavil), nortriptyline (brand name: Pamelor), doxepin (brand name: Sinequan), imipramine (brand name: Tofranil), clomipramine (brand name: Anafranil), and more…

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) – isocarboxazid (brand name: Marplan), phenelzine (brand name: Nardil), or tranylcypromine (brand name: Parnate). Antipsychotics – chlorpromazine (brand name: Thorazine), fluphenazine (brand name: Prolixin), haloperidol (brand name: Haldol), loxapine (brand name: Loxitane), mesoridazine (brand name: Serentil), perphenazine (brand name: Trilafon), thioridazine (brand name: Mellaril), thiothixene (brand name: Navane), and more…

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) – fluoxetine (brand name: Prozac), fluvoxamine (brand name: Luvox), paroxetine (brand name: Paxil), sertraline (brand name: Zoloft), or citalopram (brand name: Celexa).

Narcotic pain relievers – codeine, fentanyl (brand name: Duragesic), hydromorphone (brand name: Dilaudid), meperidine (brand name: Demerol), hydrocodone (brand names: Vicodin, Lorcet, Lortab), morphine (brand names: MS Contin, MSIR, RMS, Roxanol), oxycodone (brand names: Roxicodone, Percocet, Percodan), propoxyphene (brand name: Darvon, Darvocet, others), and more…

Promethazine (brand name: Phenergan) or prochlorperazine (brand name: Compazine); – Bupropion (brand names: Wellbutrin, Zyban) – Cyclobenzaprine (brand name: Flexeril).

Carbamazepine (brand name: Tegretol) – Quinidine (brand names: Quinaglute Dura-Tabs, Cardioquin, Quinora, more…)

Warfarin (brand name: Coumadin) – Digoxin (brand name: Lanoxin, Lanoxicaps).

If you are taking any of the previously mentioned drugs, you may not be able to take Tramadol, the dosage may need to be modified or you may require close monitoring.

Always keep Tramadol as well as all other drugs in a place that cannot be accessed by children, never allow others to use your medications, and only take this medication for the reason that it was prescribed.

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