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If there is one thing I want to say to you, it’s just be real with yourself. We can put on a facade that fools the world around us. A facade that we’ve got it together, that we’re awesome – but you know the truth and God knows the truth. And who’s more important than that?

And what you’ll find is that a raw power comes from true authenticity – a power that can only be explained in the design of how God set it up. He does not use us because we are perfect or good enough, He uses us because we are quite the opposite. The scriptures are full of broken people being used by God and this underlying theme we often miss that God uses our mistakes, shame and brokenness to display His loving faithfulness.

Paul knew he did the very things he hated and sought God to remove the thorn in his flesh – but God’s answer is profound. An answer profound enough to carry you and I – His grace is sufficient. And it is in humility and brutal honesty that God can use us.

Here are some video’s we shot 2 years ago for a series at 242 Community – it’s the easiest way to understand my journey…

For me, it was about coming to grip with the lies I was living and the dichotomy that existed between the Way of Jesus and the way I was living. I’m thankful that my story doesn’t end here, but actually begins here. That God’s faithfulness is best shown in my mistakes and broken past. I’m thankful that I can boast in my weakness.

An amazing piece of the story of Jesus is that through His incarnation, through putting on flesh and coming to earth, He gave us our humanity back. He showed us what being human really is. So don’t accept your mistakes as being ‘human,’ because to be truly human is to be like Jesus – it is our broken human nature that we must wrestle and struggle with.

So stop pretending. Maybe you’re not a sex addict, an alcoholic, a drug abuser – but you are no less broken. Maybe your brokenness is in over eating, being co-dependent, habitual lying – whatever – join the beautiful complexity of God’s broken creation pursuing His likeness.

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