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Energy is the most basic and most important first step for our beginning.

You are born with expansive reserves of energy which allow you to overcome extreme odds while you tumble through new learning. Many parents are aware that their children survive experiences that the parents can not account for.

You become disconnected from your energy source and from God when you don’t express and trust your instincts.

As an adult searching for ways to reconnect and regain your energy and life force, it is necessary for you to remember that you are created by God.

By choosing to be connected to your full energetics you are preparing to be all you had intended to be. You did not lose your energy in an instant, so this will not be an instant fix, though it can be. You will want to set up a conscious intent that will allow you to regularly increase your connection with Source and begin to feel the peace that floods your thoughts and life.

As your energetics increase you will become more aware of your ability to make a difference in the things that matter to you the most. Being loving and kind will influence the lives of those around you for the good.

There is an exercise I call An Exercise in Love that will change your physical life and your understanding of your connection to your physical energy and that of Prime source (click on highlight). You will want to have five to fifteen minutes to yourself to complete this exercise each day. As your physical energy builds you will want to begin a routine of daily meditation (read writing in enlightenment).

Suggested use; See elixir. Follow the directions on each bottle. To learn more about each essence we recommended you go to the products page and read “tell me more”. Begin with “Release”, “Forgiveness”, “Self Love”, “Energy”, “Limitless Love #1 & #2”, Work with “Vibrational Continuity” at the end of each session.

You will have a sense of which essence to work with.

Blessings on all that you are!

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