Hakomi based somatic counseling | somatic guidance

“Bless your difficulties and ask to see their hidden guidance”.    Caroline Myss

The physical body, unlike the mind is not capable to hide or modify the way it experiences the reality in any given moment. That includes our postures, facial mimics, pace of speaking, eye movement, breathing, heartbeat, temperature and more. In somatic work we learn how to be aware of our emotions, feelings and sensations in the moment and to stay with them in the state of mindfulness. By doing so we discover the places where we “hold on” to a painful or traumatic experiences or unpleasant memories. Ultimately, re-living these difficult moments consciously, one bite at the time, we will unlock the joy of being which are trapped beneath the pain and fear. Slowing down and adding laser awareness to the process helps one to release the “frozen” movement, to express long avoided or suppressed emotion or to drop into stillness of relaxation. While it is important to understand what is happening, the crux of the matter is to simply be aware of what one’s experience in the moment. That is a moment of healing, often accompanied by releasing misconceptions about who we are or erroneous assumptions about the world.

Because of its ability to reach deep states of the self, the Hakomi method is very potent and transformative. Over time we develop the skill of listening to the voice of the body and make our decisions based on our personal body-mind wisdom.

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