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Nika and the hostess gift we brought for her

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Nika and the hostess gift we brought for her, originally uploaded by shanaj67.

Last night my boss and his partner had a dinner for our work group. It was really nice. He made this amazing pasta red sauce with strawberries, asparagus, beet roots. He had a beat and orange salad and they ordered a poppyseed cake from a gourmet bakery. My old co-worker, Susan, and her husband came and it was nice to catch up with her.

Michael and Daniel have a lovely 1950’s house in Pasadena. They’ve decorated it with such care. In fact, Daniel agreed to take me and Susan out to some estate sales to show us how he finds things for their house.

Work has been so incredibly busy lately. Our HR Coordinator quit. We were very lucky that our intern, Meg, is such a superstar. I’m in the process of hiring an Assistant for the department. It’s been very hard! Finding the right fit is murder!

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2002 Photos

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2002 NY, originally uploaded by shanaj67.

For some reason our scanner won’t work when Tim upgraded the system. I have a lot I want to work on, but that will have to wait until he gets done with the project he is working on. And he is in New York with his family this weekend.

I’ve been working, running errands and this morning I went to see “The Social Network”, which was VERY good and I highly recommend it!

I chose this picture that I took when we went to NY in 2002. I wish I remembered what they were looking at!


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