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Rajasthan Tours – Discover the Hidden Exotics

India is proud of its railway network. Railway tracks are laid from North to the Southern tip of the country. They run from East to west and across the whole country in a criss- cross manner. There are ordinary trains and luxury trains to cater to the tourism industry of India. People travel by AC and Non AC trains to distant lands both for work and to enjoy a holiday in a relaxing environment.

Palace on Wheels has given to Rajasthan a great service till date and is bent on continuing the same for times to come. Along with Palace on Wheels travelers can also enjoy a journey across the States of Rajasthan and Gujarat on The Royal Orient. The train is truly fabulous and a thing out of a fairytale books which are read by children. The fourteen saloon cars of the train are embossed with gold. Facilities of train  are important to its visitors which provide the peak comfort level.

Toy train of Kalka-Simla is an enchanting experience over innumerable bridges and small and long tunnels. The little train trudges its way slumbrously towards the popular hill station. One is able to have full benefit of its slow movement by taking in the panoramic scenes which enfold during the journey that takes one across lush green mountains and equally fantastic deep valleys of the Himalayas.

Tour the heroic land where Marathas once ruled on Deccan Odyssey.  The train moves across Maharashtra and Goa in its full splendor.  Eighty passengers can enjoy the ride at one time. One gets to enjoy stoppages like those at Ratnagiri, Goa, Aurangabad, Nashik, Sindhudurg and Pune.

The Fairy Queen is a national heritage of Indians. Oldest engine of the land is still in a fine working order. 50 passengers can be taken around a tour Rajasthan. The train starts from Delhi for Alwar.

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