Workshops – natural somatics

Special Event – Presented by Natural Somatics in assocation with Maxwell Newsome

Balance Your Hormones – Balance Your Life

A Special Seminar for Women with Beth Gunderson

Monday 26th October, 6pm onwards, Maria Assumpta Centre, High St Kensington

‘Balance Your Hormones – Balance Your Life’ is a non-profit event, informing women of all ages about oestrogen in our environment, how it affects us, and what we can do about it.

Somatics – Back Care Classes & Workshops

Based on the principles of Somatic Movement Education, our Back Care Workshops & Classes teach you how to move while protecting & getting the best from your spine.  Interactive, experiential, fun, & relaxing – we aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to look after your back in your normal daily life.

  Suitable for everyone – whether you have an existing back problem, or just want to learn to move in

  a better functional way and prevent problems in the future

•Release the tension caused from sitting, driving or working at computers

•Feel taller, breathe more easily, feel lighter and more relaxed

Somatics is highly effective yet gentle & safe. We use awareness and simple movements done comfortably on the floor to unwind tension, remove restrictions in the body, & learn more integrated ways of moving.

oLearn how to move while protecting your back

oWork with opening the body to support the spine in a healthy, neutral place – tightness in the hips,

  shoulders & front of the body can often lead to problems that we first experience as pain or discomfort

  in our necks, backs, or knees

oExplore how your breathing influences movement in your spine

oTake-away a simple set of self-care exercises to use anytime – at work, in the car, or at home,

  to help keep your back in good shape

Please See the Workshop Schedule for upcoming dates & venues

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