A celebration of all that is lucas oman

I believe Lucas Oman is as close to a perfect being as you can get. This site is dedicated to him, his legacy and things he has yet to accomplish…


You may know Lucas as the superstar from The Red Velveteers. Lucas used his angelic voice to perfect “Closer”, originally poorly performed by the Kings of Leon. The Kings of Leon discovered Lucas and became jealous of him
and attempted to have him killed. But they underestimated Lucas…he refused to be conquered…

Though attempts where made on his life, some say up to 12 times, Lucas successfully escaped using his survivalist training (Gained from the hills of Savannah, GA).

Not only had Lucas thrwarted the Kings of Leon’s attacks, but he even launched a counter attack, and ended up killing all band members. Some say he actually let them live and keeps them captive (forcing them to listen to his version of the song), as the bodies of the band members…seemed to dissappear.

Needless to say, he now retains all rights and praise to “Closer”…

  • Musician
  • Mind Blowing Singer
  • Programmer
  • Survival Expert
  • Excellent Dresser
  • Tron Expert
  • Babys Daddy


I will never have the abilities, powers or skills of Lucas Oman. But watching him inspires me to keep trying, and reminds me that there is always hope…

Oh…and Lucas has some failed startup: www.technosplode.com

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