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Golf GPS: Smaller Sensors Allow Planting in Golf Balls

GPS technology has progressed to impact many different aspects of our lives, even going as far as to assist with our weekly golf game. With smaller devices becoming available, it is even possible to record the data that relates to the trajectory and distance a golf ball has been hit, and the golf GPS is a wonderful aid in determining where your golf ball is located. All of this convenience and information has become possible, because sensor sizes have been reduced to the point that you can find out data from within your golf ball, or from a flag in one of the holes on the course that you are playing.

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The golf GPS also provides you with information about the location of the sand trap, any lakes that may be around, edges of the fairway and the location of the rough area around the greens. By placing a sensor within the golf ball, golf GPS has taken a first step in tracking their movement. Of course, this will come at a cost to the golfing community, although this may ultimately become a savings advantage given the fact that less golf balls would ultimately become lost forever. Information about the location of the golf ball is transmitted via satellites and then displayed on a PDA device which you can carry with you in your golf bag. With another sensor planted on the flags of each hole, you would know before teeing off what the exact distance to the green is.

There are companies such as Great White Shark Entertainment that are already in the process of enabling golf GPS that would help in measuring the distance the golf ball travels and provide information pertaining to the course itself. Such a golf GPS would become highly profitable to many companies, since there are many serious golf players who would desire to have this information available and would readily pay the price for owning the golf GPS.

Of course, the golf GPS balls will cost more than ordinary golf balls, but the price that you will pay might well be recouped through a noticeable improvement in your game. With improved equipment that will include a golf GPS, golfing enthusiasts, not to mention the professionals of the game, will start to hit balls longer and more accurately. Who knows? Thanks to golf GPS, many sportsmen may even be able to get their golf balls to roll into the hole if they are positioned close enough. Happy golfing.

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