Caravan awning pegs

Pegs form the base of a caravan awning. When you pick a caravan awning, you will need to pick the right pegs to go with it. Pegs vary mainly in size and strength. If you need your awning to be rather high, then you will need tall pegs to hold the awning at that level and if the material of your awning is heavy, you will need strong pegs to be able to hold it up.

Along with the above minimal factors, you will also need to check where you will be putting up the awning. If your awning is going to be in soft ground, then any peg will do. All you need to do is drive the peg in deep enough to make sure that it stays up. On the other hand, if you want to hoist your awning on tar or concrete, you will need to find the ones that can dig in themselves or you will have to drill a hole to put your peg in. This is possible on tar surfaces, but for concrete surfaces, you will just have to find a crack and put your pegs and awning where the cracks are. If you’re going to be putting up an awning in a public area, the pegs can be a hazard to people walking around as they might trip on them. In such a case, invest in a small sign to warn people about the presence of the pegs.

At we account for all the possibilities of a caravan awning, where it might be put up, what it can be made of and we have products that match all the possibilities. It is extremely important to choose the right kind of pegs to ensure that your awning stays up for as long as you need.  

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