Nz one day champs/puhunui bull ride

7:17pm, Monday 3rd of December 2012, by Simone Kann

                Its been 2 weeks since our last news page,  Last week was seriously busy with one day champs at Taupo  where we had a great weekend with Donna winning the CIC 3* championship on Sarah and Tim Varley and our own Just Chocolate. Close in 2nd was Simon Gordon’s super horse Fletch,com. Balmoral Tangalooma owned by Gaye Mclunie/Graham Smith and Balmoral finished in 8th for his first CIC 3*.

In the 2* we had Carolyn Jolley’s and Wendy Keddel’s Britannica MVNZ, he  was a star and finished 2nd in the this class behind South Islander  Sam Taylor and his  Beautiful horse Leo Degas.

In The Pre Novice Championship I won on Donna and my own Balmoral Okey who was in equal 1st with Donna’s ride of Emily Rennel and Louisa Hill’s Levello coming into the cross country……… was a fun competition going into the xc in reverse order. Donna going  first and she looked pretty fast out of the box, but had a 20 at a combination fence to allow me to claim the title. Donna finished 4th in the pre novice on Darren and Maddy wilson’s talented Australian gelding Cooperite Frank.

Last week we had the Trans Tasman/young rider  squad  at our place with Penny Castle/Eric Duvander coaching. The riders also had  David Galbraith for the sports Syc session and Alec Jorgenson for the vetting. Thanks to Tinks Pottinger for organising the squad and the champagne/sea food.

On Friday morning we showed off horses to clients before heading to Waikato dressage. Big thanks to Annabel Wigley for riding a few horses for us, madison Crowe and Claudia Wilson  for helping us get them all ready.

Waikato dressage we eventually made it there in time on Friday to do B. Sensations advanced test where he placed 2nd. Oakey was super all weekend and seems to be getting reliable in the ring. She won all three tests and 4th in the musical, she finished up winning the level 2 champion. Its great for me to finally have a lovely horse that I absolutely adore and think the world of and love riding, the last horse I had who i was attached to was B. Tim Tram who I took to America. Im sure every one is the same that you ride at your best when you have a great support team who believe in you , a big thanks  not only to Donna who is amazing and our Balmoral team but also  to Niki Kitcherman/Tracey Smith and Penny Castle . Donna had  her Puhinui horses with Sensation having fun in his advanced tests,  finished 5th yesterday. The others were a little fresh and very excited to be at dressage and cant wait to go galloping this weekend.  

Our Top Notch equestrian team won the teams event with myself, Tracey Blackmore, Chanelle Wash and Donna.

A big thank you to Balmoral’s sponsor “top Notch Equestrian” who have also been a huge part of our riding for the last couple of years with our stubben saddlery/Eurostar clothing/Nule Shule bits,  as well as “Dunstan” feed for Donna’s eventers who keeps them all in beautiful condition.

This week we have Puhunui 3 day with Donna running Just Chocolate and B. Sensation in the 3 star and Britannica Mvnz and Henton Executive in the 2*.    Donna and I are apparently doing the commentary/scoring  on the Saturday night’s entertainment “The Bull ride” should be fun and im sure we are in for plenty of action- did we hear the rumour that there is a teams event?????

Certain Captains in the name and categories are below


 Pumas-   Dannie Lodder

Young Guns-Ginny Thompson

Quiet achievers–-Fraser King

Fei-      Anne Tylee

Gawler Team –  Tinks Pottinger

Puhunui-   Brigitte Sutton-

Wiggles/South Island Team –  Anabel Wigley

Stubbies- Mike Guilfoyle

Law and order-Tom Lane

Frequent Flyers-Sophie Wilkinson

Blue blood-Hayley Pickmere

Junior sapling’s-Abigail Long

North Island-Christen Hayde

CC by Design-Chanel Campbel

Diamonds r forever-Kelsey Rothery

Agency-Joanne Bridgeman

Hammer n Tongs-Tim Bruce

Crack a Woody-Shelley Ross

Sure bet(scorers)(Home Run)-Vicki Lawson

Boot Straps(Grooms) Claudia Wilson

Northenders-Kate Wood

After the 3 day we are looking forward to a break over xmas with the next event on the calendar not until mid January or so………………

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