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I immediately had problems (fatigue after 7-10 days) with Flomax and Proscar to outlaw the doctor and I helped a little. However, it made me feel tired and sometimes extreme fatigue. After about a year of use I have become impotent, even with Viagra. I left for about six weeks. Felt normal without erectile dysfunction. Camera and felt tired and had ED. Let stand for about 2 months and still feel OK. Starting a third time with problems of erectile dysfunction and even fatigue. They stopped using it.

Proscar price compare. He did what he should do with the side effect of a decreased libido. A good compromise because the alternative was not able to urinate. It has helped to reduce my PSA of 13.3 to less than 1.0, as well as reducing the size of my prostate. I had a biopsy of the prostate is complete (no picnic), however, I determine that BPH is not prostate cancer.

I have used this drug for just over a year. He re-grow hair on my crown, but the upper part of the temple and the areas are still very thin, have re-developed and does not respond the same way. I suppose that these areas did not get no worse. Certainly not notice the u2019t% of hair in the shower or brush my time. On the side of the sexual function of the things that I noticed a drop in performance wise, I think it was always going to be a compromise. I think the main thing is to monitor drug effect on PSA levels and if you are already monitored for this before starting Propecia, remember and remind your doctor about Propecia PSA lowering effect.

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