Six P.M. news in the USA

This blog is to address something that I never see anyone combat..
Why do American families have to be battered with ads regarding the sexual function or dysfunction of aging males at dinnertime…Does Cialis ever advertise at anytime that families are not eating their dinner…Have you ever thought about the number of disclaimers that are mentioned…Do you know any male in the entire universe that would not seek medical attention after a 4 hour erection…Is it necessary to pummel the public nightly with pictures of aging couples in bathtubs in remote rural fields.
I don’t know about others, but I sit with my remote control in my hand to hit the MUTE button the minute I hear the familiar music heralding the grinning aging baby boomers who want their sexual experiences to be the same at 65 as they remember it was 40 years ago…..All right, remote controls at the ready…..grab and hit mute here they come the silver haired grinning sleek male attracting the post menopausal slender widow….EECH!!! have a good evening all.

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