IMIS Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.



IMIS Pharmaceuticals is chiefly a family
managed enterprise. A combination of talents and expertise of the
Directors has helped IMIS emerge successfully on various fronts. IMIS
stands out as an institution with a corporate work culture, giving growth
and challenge as an opportunity to each and every individual in the

We have developed own Sales network in all the Southern states (Kerala,
Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, AP). Our Vision Statement will
elicit more on our plans.


Dr. DL Narayana, BCom., DAM


belonged to the first batch of Ayurvedic Doctors from the Ayurvedic
College at Vijayawada. A successful practitioner and eminent Doctor, Dr
Narayana has more than 50 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda. He
has been an advisor to the Central Govt on Ayurveda. He has also received
many accolades and appreciation for his yeoman service to the cause of
Ayurveda. A philanthropist and a guiding force, he illumined the growth of
IMIS during the last 40 years.

He is presently the Managing Director.


Dr. D Indumathi, Ayurveda vidwan


An independent and senior advisor and expert on
classical medicinal manufacturing, Dr Indumathi has mastered the art and essence of Ayurveda
by pure experience and self study. An ardent follower of principles of
Ayurveda, Dr Indumathi has a penchant to establish the system as the main
stay for societal medical needs in the modern day.

An active member of the
Board at an age of 71 years, she has exceptional managerial skills.

Dr V Nagalakshmi, MPharm., PhD(Tech)


An entrepreneur with research and industrial
experience, Dr Nagalakshmi has transformed the systems and
processes of manufacturing in IMIS to suit the GMP requirements and that
of ISO standards, while carefully preserving the rich values of
traditional methods. She has also engineered optimal utilisation of
resources so that manufacturing costs are minimised and the benefit passed
on to the customer in ensuring the reduced cost of product.

She is presently the Joint Managing
Director. She heads the manufacturing and research wings of the Company.
She is a Member of Institutional Ethics Committee on Experiments on
Animals at KVSR Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vijayawada.

She is also a Member of Institutional
Scientific Advisory Committee, Regional Research Institute (Ayurveda),

In addition, she is the Health and
Wellness Advisory Board of a US based MNC beverage company, operating in

Commander VVM Krishna (retd)


A former Naval officer, VVM Krishna has
stepped into IMIS in 2002. As a Director, he takes care of the Marketing,
Finance and Administrative wings of the Company.

He initiated reforms in
Administration and Marketing much on the lines of modern day corporate




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