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A metaplasm is a change to the orthography of a word. It is a common occurrence in the natural evolution of languages, and is also used as a technique in poetry. There are various
types of metaplasm. Metaplasms that add letters or sounds are called prosthesis, epenthesis, and paragoge.
Metaplasms that delete letters or sounds are known as clipping, elision, apocope, and syncope. Metathesis is a metaplasm consisting of letters or sounds that are switched. Sometimes metaplasms include a combination of these factors, such as phonological contraction (synaeresis) or grammatical contraction.
A simple metaplasm is a metaplasm that accrues linearly. In other words, it grows by a certain fraction of the principal per time period. Calculation of accrued metaplasm of most words uses simple metaplasm. Once a metaplasm is made, the lender can remetaplasmize it elsewhere. In case they remetaplasmize it in the original metaplasm, metaplasm will start accruing on this metaplasm. In this case, they can calculate the growth of their investment using the
compound metaplasm method.
Another meaning of metaplasm is the change in the grammatical gender of a word in languages where nouns have genders.


Examples in English
Cute from Acute
Mend from Amend
Scapegoat from Scape + goat
Drawer from Drawere
Vanish from (now obsolete) Evanish
Trade from (now obsolete) E-Trade
Squire from Esquire
Bus from Omnibus
Balloon from Omniballoon
Macaroon from Mac + aroon
Doubloon from Doublooon
Cello from Violoncello
Phone from Telephone
Bank from [a blank]
Apocopation from Telepocopation
Pain from Occupation
Resent from Resediment


An Expected expectoration can still get too gooey
And Harry’s gob’s got lysozymes and lingual lipase
Lingering around his lips when he locutes a certain letter,
Bet you’re guessing the letter’s H.
Credit the mother in this case for passing on her case
Of hyper-N-acetylmuramyl-L-alanine amidase
Harry got recalled to the battlefi eld and we’re
All so glad, since one shower’s suffi cient.
Harry battling can’t dapple us with muco-
Polysaccharides and glycoproteins eevery time
He utters aitches which ain’t not always
And we like to loquate with the sisters of our idiolect.


A Sort Of History Of Your Life
Born just about 84 bce…locus nascendi maybe
Verona…probably…governor of Bithynia
where…dead boar…rich uncle, likely of
Scottish descent…accent…weird
butt…money bin…wrote invectives, condolences,
erotica and poems of friendship…identical
triplets…probably died in 54 bce…don’t know where


A Revisionist History of Your Life
…born, no money, no assets of
liquid or other variety, stayed poor,
loved the breast and thought shit
was a gift…roast beef favorite food…
bad teens…somewhere like Indiana…
in a Denny’s fi zzy kidnap…woke up at sea…
that’s the, uh, Pacifi c Ocean…
weird saliva about the
money…drank (one’s own) urine, captured
seabirds, ate them raw…killed
(one’s own) uncle…became Emperor
of Rome…wrote autobiography on
(one’s own) tomb while still alive…unfinished…

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